Recovery Workshops

Recovery Coach Certification
Become a Certified Recovery Coach in a 30-hour training workshop. This workshop is available to anyone who wants to learn how to more effectively help people who suffer from addiction. Created by the Connecticut Community of Addiction Recovery (CCAR), this workshop is all inclusive and provides you with the training you need to coach in this exciting field.

We also offer CCAR Recovery Coach Training and Certification to treatment centers to train their staff in Recovery Coaching. We have seen this training completely transform the culture of a treatment center.  

Back to Basics
Based on the AA beginner meetings of the 1940s, Back to Basics is a reenactment of those meetings where newcomers were taken through all 12 Steps in four one-hour sessions. Presented in one day, Back to Basics shows how easy and effective The 12 Steps are when taken the way the AA pioneers did. The workshop gets you to Step 12 as quickly as possible so you can have a Spiritual Awakening and carry this message to others.

Recovery Retreats
Allow us to take you on a spiritual journey through a recovery retreat. Picture yourself leaving this busy life for a few days and totally immersing yourself in spirituality and healing. Our retreats are appropriate for groups interested in 12 step recovery or spirituality. 


Grief Recovery Workshops
Many of us have suffered too long from unprocessed grief. It is thought that unprocessed grief is responsible for many late stage relapses.

Are you suffering from a broken heart?

This revolutionary workshop, developed in accordance with the Grief Recovery Method, identifies the things you have yet to grieve. It provides you with the structure to fully experience the loss in a safe and thorough way. Most importantly, it will help you find the means to move forward and ultimately lead a happier life. 


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