Professional Intervention
If you have found us by searching online or if you have been referred here by a friend, you more than likely have someone very close to you who has a big problem. That problem can include alcohol, illegal drugs, legal drugs, sex, gambling, relationships, food, and more. We want you to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE: one out of every three Americans is living with or related to a person with untreated addiction.

Intervention is one of the single greatest things a family can do to help a loved one. Along with the many common misconceptions about what intervention is, we are willing to bet that you are asking yourself at least one of these questions:

Does she have to WANT help?

Does he have to HIT BOTTOM first?

The answer is NO and NO. Intervention is designed to put the addict in a position to say YES to treatment and to raise the bottom to the day of intervention. The disease of addiction has hijacked the brain and will not allow a person to ask for help. So, we are going to offer help by talking to the heart of the addict and not the hijacked brain. Our process preserves the addict’s dignity and restores integrity to the family. To put it simply, intervention creates motivation.

The Love First Process
Training, Preparing, Planning
A successful intervention involves comprehensive planning. We want to keep surprises at a minimum and create a calm and caring environment.

  • We will help you identify who should (and who shouldn’t) be on your intervention team.
  • Train your team in effective letter writing.
  • Discuss ALL possible objections your loved one will make and who should answer each one.
  • Plan for a possible “walk out”.
  • Solidify your intervention team to work together going forward.

Everyone will work as a team when it comes to decisions about your loved one’s care. This helps dissolve the enabling system.

Consequences for refusing treatment, also known as bottom lines, will be put in writing and your interventionist will know when and if it is necessary to use them during the intervention process.

We will identify the best treatment option that matches the family’s resources. Choosing treatment is one of the most important pieces in this process. We will only refer to treatment centers that we would use for our own families.

All team members assemble at the location of the intervention the day before for several hours to rehearse letters, bottom lines, objections, finalizing travel plans with the treatment center, etc.

The day after the rehearsal, usually in the morning, the intervention will take place.

Escort to Treatment
Your interventionist or a sober escort will travel with your loved one and stay with him or her while checking into treatment. There is no extra charge for this, other than travel expenses.  We will communicate all information known to us, all letters, and bottom lines to the treatment team. This information can be used therapeutically during treatment.  It will greatly help the treatment team expedite treatment, and it will help to counteract any dishonesty.

During Treatment
We will coach your team on common things that come up during treatment and act as a liaison between you and the treatment center as needed.

We will introduce you to your Family Coach who will begin the recovery process for the whole family. Your first session is included. For more on this: Family Coaching 


Not sure you are ready for all of this? Let’s look at Intervention Consulting
Some families aren’t ready to jump in feet first with a Professional Intervention, or you may need to save resources for treatment. We can go through the Training, Preparing, and Planning section laid out above with your team. We can coach you on everything you will need to orchestrate the intervention yourself. If you choose to go ahead with a Professional Intervention later, the fee you pay for Intervention Consulting will go towards the Professional Intervention fee.


All CAS Interventionists are trained in the Love First model of Clinical Intervention.