Structured Family Recovery ®

Recovery outcomes can seem bleak. Only about 5% of people who attend 12 step fellowships stay sober for the first year without a relapse. People who go to treatment fare better. They stay sober without a relapse for the first year at a rate of about 30%. However, there are groups of people who stay sober at rates of 85-90% for the first 5 years without a relapse.

Who are these groups?

The reason for these incredible outcomes?
They take a team approach with their colleagues who are also in recovery.

In our experience, creating a Recovery Team with a family mirrors what these organizations have done for their impaired professionals.

Not only does this approach give the addict an exponentially higher chance at success, everyone in the family system is able to heal from what the addiction has taken from them. Sanity and integrity are restored.

Post-Intervention Structured Family Recovery®
Following an intervention, a very close-knit team has been created and this team can transform the outcome for the addict who will be returning home very soon. Immediately following the intervention, you will be introduced to your Structured Family Recovery® Counselor to schedule your first session. To get started, all you will need to do is read the first 34 pages of It Takes a Family by Debra Jay. 

Structured Family Recovery®…Anytime
We can begin the recovery process with a family at any point in time.
A family may want to begin the recovery journey before they intervene on their loved one. Or it may be that they cannot intervene for various reasons but would like to begin the recovery journey anyway. Or this process can be initiated by a person in recovery who would like to introduce recovery to his or her family.

Please contact us to discuss options to begin the healing process with your family.  All Structured Family Recovery® sessions are done weekly via telephone.